I’ve noticed that a lot of the apps and other products I used to like keep getting crappier with every update.

I get it, it’s all about getting better, faster, richer… But what’s the point of messing up your perfectly fine product with stupid features and ads, if you keep losing users and costumers instead?

Why the hell do you have to add a bunch of useless shit to your program and make it more complicated, so users will be confused? Why do you have to change a perfectly fine user interface?

I’ve been using Samsung’s smartphones forever, I really love them. The clock was always on the right side, but with Android 9 they put it on the left side, like a stupid iPhone. If you have a phone with a notch, okay, you can do that, but Samsung doesn’t even have phones with notches (okay, I googled it and I found one with notch, but apparently they’ll soon disappear from the market), so why tf did you put the clock on the left side? The left side’s always been for notifications and now there’s this stupid clock that doesn’t belong there. If I wanted my phone to look like an iPhone I’d buy a fucking iPhone.

And then there is Kakaotalk. I loooved Kakaotalk. I’ve never used Whatsapp, because I hate the design. Kakaotalk was so cool. Clean interface, fast messaging, superb phone call quality. And what did they do? Put ads right into the chat tab. Like, seriously? I get it, people click around there more than anywhere else, so the odds that they’ll accidently click an ad are pretty high. That, of course, will earn you more money, but come on! That’s the last place where I wanna be disturbed by a fucking ad! If you don’t wanna get rid of the ads, at least make paid version without all the crap you put in there. I’ll be happy to give you my money, if you do quality work.

For my work I also need to use a specific program. It worked perfectly fine, until they started to run updates frequently. Now there are scheduled updates every week. What the heck are you updating? If there is no problem and everything works perfectly fine, why do you make it not work with an update? Why do you create problems where there are none? Why do you try to solve problems that don’t even exist in the first place, huh??

The answer is simple, but as always, it’s fun to rant about it xD

Same goes with a bunch of other stuff that used to work better when it was more simple. I have a rice cooker that I bought back in 2012. It’s really simple. There is one button that you click when you cook rice. When it’s done, it snaps up and stays warm for quite a while. I’m afraid, if this rice cooker stops working at some point, I won’t be able to find the same or a similar product with its simplicity. Last time I checked, I saw that they don’t produce them anymore. Instead they added a “keep warm” function. But in the reviews people keep complaining that the rice always burns and sticks to the pot because of that function smh. The previous version had much better reviews.

The list goes on and on. Greediness keeps on making things worse.