布団 (ふとん) = traditional Japanese bedding

consisting of

敷き布団 (しきぶとん) = matress (lit. spreading futon)

掛け布団 (かけぶとん) = blanket (lit. covering futon)

usually placed on a

畳 (たたみ) mat (畳む = 접다, to fold)

made from rice straw and

藺草 (いぐさ) = soft rush (flowering plant) straw

I bought a set on Amazon.

The company has a really nice slogan :D


The mat and the shikibuton don’t have a chemical smell whatsoever. The mat mildly smells like nature, like some kind of grass, since it’s made of straw. It feels like I have a piece of field or something in my room ~.~ I have a feeling that I’m gonna love sleeping on it.

And they are so sweet, look what they’ve enclosed:


感謝 (かんしゃ) = 감사

I’m touched :’) This is so sweet ^_^


Edit: I love it! I don’t think I’ll be sleeping on anything else for the rest of my life.