More Thoughts on Being a Robot

This is a continuation of my last post.

If you were a robot you also wouldn’t need shelter or sleep. If you wanted to rest for a while you could just park yourself somewhere and turn yourself off. Lol, it’s kinda funny to say it like this. Well, since you are a robot, you probably wouldn’t actually “feel” tired, thus wouldn’t “feel” the need to rest. If we really were to transfer our counsciousness into robots, what would motivate us to do stuff? Right now, as human beings, most of our actions are motivated by our primal feelings/urges/needs, whatever you want to call it. We eat because we are hungry and/or because we simply like the taste of something. We do a lot of things, because we want to “feel” pleasure and avoid “feeling” pain. You get it, I’ve been emphasizing “feelings” a lot. Feelings are what motivates us to do things. At least most of the time. If I wouldn’t “feel” a kind of satisfaction writing this post right now, I probably wouldn’t be writing it, right? Or maybe not. Actually, I don’t think this is a basic feeling anymore. It’s more like a “calling”.

So, if you were a robot with no feelings, what do you think would motivate you? Even the humanoid robots people have built so far are programmed to show some kind of emotion:

Hmm, why are they all female though? lol. It’s probably mostly men who built robots, maybe that’s why. Also, females are generally considered to be the gender that’s more in touch with their feelings and emotions. What a coincidence.

I do believe that some day, we will be able to completely transcend the physical limitations of the human body. It’s already happening. There is a force that transcends everything, because it IS everything.

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