Thoughts on Aladdin 2019

I recently watched Aladdin 2019 and I loved how chill and funny it was at the same time. Will Smith really brought fun and swag into it and the other two main actors radiated a calm atmosphere. The whole setting put me in a cozy and dreamy mood.

I hadn’t watched a movie in like 4 years. I think. Anyway, I actually got interested in it because I heard the soundtrack “Arabian Nights” and then I discovered the Japanese version and it just blew me away and I wanted to watch the movie in Japanese, but I couldn’t purchase a Japanese version, since I dont have a Japanese address and also couldn’t find it anywhere (stupid copyright laws, getting worse every year 😑). If you’re reading this and know where I can watch the Japanese version or even send it to me, please let me know! I’ll even pay for it 😂 (実写版アラジンを日本語で見たいですが、日本に住んでいないので見れませんね。もし見れる方法を知っていたら教えて下さい!有料でも良いです。)

Okay, so the movie is definitely worth watching it, the animations are very beautiful as well. What I also like about it is that they sprinkled it with some wisdom here and there, like:

“I promise you, there is not enough money and power on earth for you to be satisfied.”


“The more you gain by pretending, the less you’re actually gonna have.”

You see, beauty and wisdom are everywhere, you just have to recognize it.

A couple more words on Will Smith. I just rediscovered this guy and I must say he has a really energizing and easy-going personality. I recommend that when you’re feeling blue or something, you watch some of his stuff 😂 He even has a Youtube channel.

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