Some Epicness

I’m a fan of anything that sounds epic. And this instrumental definitely does. I think I like the instrumental more than the original track. There are a lot of English lines and at times it sounds kinda funny because of their accents.

Taemin is definitely out of place here. He is on a whole other level. He has a completely different vibe, it doesn’t go well with typical K-pop group songs and concepts. He being in a group is just a waste of his talents. I first noticed him when I saw one of his solo performances. I assumed he’d always been a solo artist, because that’s what seems most natural for him. That’s why I was so surprised when I found out that he actually debuted as a member of a group. Well, that’s how it usually goes in that industry. He’s done a lot of solo work recently and I was kinda hoping he’d continue to walk that path, refine himself as a solo artist and break free from group settings that kinda seem to hold him back. He stands out, no matter where you put him. All the other members of that group seem like pretty average common K-pop idols. Oh please take him out of there lol. But oh well. Who am I talking to.

Anyway, I’m also a fan of anything that looks epic and the animations of the original music video definitely do:

Man, I’m so damn grateful that I can hear and see all these beautiful things. Isn’t everything just so incredibly amazing? I can’t even. You take everything for granted, when in fact all of it is just pure magic.

Edit: the more I listen to it the more I actually like it, the dance is great too! 😀

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