Rant on Fake Followers

Why are you so fucking desperate, huh? I get it. You wanna sell your shit. But here’s the thing, my dear フレンド: I’m not buying it. So please go and do your shit somewhere else. Or even better: stop it altogether and reflect on your life choices, 馬鹿!

Seriously, I’ve been removing people from my followers list who strike me as sell outs and I will continue to do so (sorry if I did anyone wrong).
(Edit: Okay, obviously, at some point, keeping track of everything becomes impossible, so I’ll just let it be. 仕方がないですよね。)

To be honest, I wish WordPress had an option where I could just turn off the follow function. I don’t need that shit and I don’t like how people always get hung up on numbers. Those who are interested enough might save my page somewhere in their browser’s favorites or stop by from time to time. That would be enough for me.

I could just go on and on about how fucked up the entire marketing system is, but I’ll stop here for now. FOR NOW 😛

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