Consciousness Creates Itself

When I’m talking to you, I’m really just talking to myself. When you’re talking to me, you’re really just talking to yourself.


Here’s a little analogy: Look at this picture. Black is consciousness, it’s everything. The little world you see in there is part of that consciousness, it was created by consciousness, it is consciousness. The black clouds show it even more clearly. They, too, are part of the world they themselves created.

And that’s exactly what all this is. We are all part of that one (no)thing that has created itself and everything, which means you create yourself and this world. You and I are one. Whenever you look at something, you’re really just looking at yourself.

When you are asleep (unconscious) this world doesn’t exist for you. In order for something to exist there must be consciousness creating it. Consciousness creates itself. It wants to be aware of itself.

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