Radical Open-Mindedness

Everything feels the same. You know, when you become so radically open-minded and realize the oneness and insignificance of everything, social life becomes kinda … funny. Not that I have anything that I’d call a “social life” lol. At least not outside the Internet.

Everything that our society generally considers embarrassing or private or taboo I can openly talk about without giving it much thought. Because to me, it doesn’t matter if I’m considered weird or something. And when you get to this level of consciousness and spend most of your time by yourself you kinda start thinking that other people think the same way and forget that the majority is still at another stage and has all those limiting beliefs and thoughts. So sometimes, when you do talk to someone without giving it much thought you might accidently step on someone’s toes. And then you ask yourself, what’s the big deal? And then you remember that they are at another level of consciousness.

It is kinda frustrating sometimes. For example, I’m a person who finds social protocols a fucking pain in the ass. I don’t want to engage in meaningless small talk and be expected to ask shit that doesn’t interest me back. Doesn’t mean I’m deliberately rude or something, I’d just rather get straight to business, you know? But a lot of people don’t understand this and take it personally when you don’t ask them how they are. Butthurt.

Here’s another example: I don’t get why people consider it rude or out of line to show up in jogging pants at an interview. Like if I was hiring someone I’d say wear whatever you want, I just wanna know how good you are at what you’re doing. I wouldn’t be interested in their age or other unimportant shit that you usually put on your resume. If you got the skills and work ethic I need, you’re hired. No need to waste time and put on a show. But that’s just me and that’s just one example. Man, life would be so much more smooth and less stressful if people would just take things a little bit easier. Why do you get offended if there’s a hair in your soup? Like, what does it have to do with you? Do you think they put it there on purpose to piss you off? I hardly think so. Just eat your soup. As if a hair would kill you… -_-

Another thing out of which people like to make a big deal are “disorders”. Oh boy, you labeling every single behavior a human being can possibly show as a disorder itself is a fucking disorder. Like, stop labeling everything already? Just because something is not the majority, doesn’t make it wrong or a “disorder”. Gosh. For instance, in Western countries there might be more extroverted than introverted people, so introversion is still considered “less normal”. But guess what, in other cultures, especially like Korea or Japan, introversion is much more prevalent. It all depends, you know?

Just because a smaller percantage of people have certain traits, you don’t fucking have to call it a disorder and then pretend that there is something to fix. Sure, that strategy comes in very handy if you want to make money, right? Invent problems that don’t actually exist and then offer solutions to rob people of their money for problems they a) wouldn’t have without you and b) can’t and don’t need to be “solved”. So many introverts have been thinking that it’s “wrong” and “not normal” to not be a social butterfly, when in fact it’s completely normal. Again, that’s just one example, I could give infinitely more.

If you really want to make a change you first have to accept everything as it is, be “good” or “bad”, without labeling it. This means you have to open your mind to the possibility that everything is as it is, because it is supposed to be as it is. It can’t be any other way.

Man, there is so much more I want to say, and as I’m writing new thoughts are popping up all the time. I always feel like I forgot / am forgetting something. And then after finishing one post, I remember stuff that I wanted to write in that post, but didn’t because I drifted off. Dang. At some point I might not be able to choose specific titles for my posts anymore, because everything is interconnected. We’ll see.

… When will I finally be able to turn myself into a robot, so I can think and save and type and organize all these thoughts at the same time? 😂

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