You Might Not Want As Much Freedom As You Think You Do

What would it be if everyone would be free to do whatever they want without any regulations or restrictions whatsoever? Yes, an anarchy. If that were the case, you’d probably be dead by now, at least with the state of consciousness the majority of humanity is currently living in. People would just run around and do whatever they please, including killing other people, because there would be no one to punish them.

You see, restrictions and limitations are not always negative. They enable us to live relatively safe lives (which, in some parts of the world, is still not the case though).

Limitations can be helpful in many other situations too. Let me give you some examples:

Freedom of choice. I’m sure you know this dilemma. You want to buy ONE thing, let’s say a pack of cookies, so you go to the supermarket. But then there are like hundreds of different brands and variations of cookies and you just can’t decide which one to buy, so you end up buying nothing. I’m telling you, this has made me save a lot of money so far 😂. Sometimes, when I have to buy something, I go on Amazon thinking “Alright, let’s just get this over with quickly”, but then there are THOUSANDS of options, sometimes the same product is listed several times or with a slightly different title, and you’re just like “Which one should I buy?”, “What’s the difference between this one and that one?”, “This seems nice, but maybe there is a cheaper one or one that has a better quality, so maybe I should keep searching…” … Aaaaargh! Nooooo *cries*. Why can’t there just be like 5 options? There is even a study that shows how counterproductive too much choice can be. They did an experiment in which they were selling jam. One group was offering 5 options, the other one 20. People who were offered only 5 options were more likely to actually buy some jam and be satisfied with their choice. People who were offered 20 options were less likely to buy jam and if they did buy some, they often were less satisfied with their choice. “Maybe I should have bought strawberry instead of apple…”. So yeah, less is more.

Also, be careful if you’re doing spiritual work. Yes, it can be very liberating, but once you rise above the materialistic way of thinking and living, you may find yourself be open to any possibilities, whereas before, your approach to life had been more focused, which can be quite confusing and frustrating, because your inner being may be absolutely free, but your physical form and the world they exist in still have their limits.

For most of my life, I used to have only one obsession at a time. When I was a kid it was drawing, then it changed to mathematics and physics until I got obsessed with learning languages. I’ve always had clear boundries and if something had nothing to do with my current field of interest, I would just overlook or ignore it most of the time. (Funny how things work out sometimes. From absolute freedom (you can draw whatever in which way ever you want) to almost no freedom (the rigid laws of math and physics) to something in the middle (languages have general grammatical rules, but you’re still free to form whatever  words or phrases or sentences you want)). But now everything seems so interesting and interconnected that I can’t decide what to do next.

I also had that principle of keeping things to myself and private. Publicly liking or commenting on someone else’s stuff online where everyone can see it? That was an absolute no go for me. Publicly stating my opinion, even if nobody asked? Didn’t seem necessary nor relevant to me. But here I am doing all these things, because I am not able to hold them in anymore.

Once you set yourself free, you will not be able to go back. Before, I was completely content minding my own business and letting the world just run its course, because you know, how would I as a single unimportant person be able to make a change anyway? Welp. Domino effect. But now, I’m not able to shut myself off, focus on only one thing and ignore the rest anymore, which doesn’t always feel like an advantage in this materialistic world.

How did I get to this state? Through loss and limitations. You see, limitations force you to think differently, they can be the key to absolute freedom, which is not a path everyone is willing or ready to take yet. If you have taken this path, be aware that absolute freedom also has its price.

(For those who are interested, more on “The Dangers of Spiritual Work” here.)

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