It’ll Come to You

Have you ever noticed that sometimes things fall into place unbelievingly perfectly? Like situations that make you think “Man, this can’t be a coincidence, there must be some higher force behind it!”? Yes, everything happens for a reason, it’s an endless chain of causalities. And it’s incredibly amazing to be able to observe and experience all this magical stuff as it happens.

Let me tell you the most recent 신기한, uhh, interestingly amazing or something like that, story that happened to me. About 9 years ago, I started learning Korean along with a bunch of other languages, including Japanese. At that time though, I felt most drawn to Korean, so I mainly focused on that. Back then, Korea was really not as famous and mainstream as it is today, so there was hardly any good learning material. To be honest, I just thought that I’d like to learn an Asian language and the first thing that came to mind was Mandarin Chinese. But then I met some Korean people online through which I got exposed to the Korean language, which I then fell in love with and committed to. Two years later, in 2012, Gangnam Style went viral and boom. Suddenly the thing I thought no one but me was interested in was famous all over the world and would mark the beginning of the global Korean Wave. One person I told this story was like “You read the future” lol.

So, back to the present. About a year and a half ago, shortly after my former partner (who was Korean) and I parted ways, I was suddenly contacted by some Japanese people on the language exchange site I had been using. Now, this wouldn’t be something unusual, except that I had not listed Japanese as a language I was learning and I had never been contacted by Japanese people on that site before, so thinking back, it was pretty unusual. But back then, I was not seriously considering learning Japanese, so I didn’t think much of it.

But a few months in, especially after I came back from my this time not so great trip to Korea 😂, I started feeling that my “committed relationship” with the Korean language was slowly coming to an end, it wasn’t as much fun and it didn’t challenge me anymore and I increasingly found myself listening to songs in Japanese thinking “it is truly a beautiful language”, although I still wasn’t able to fully let go of Korean and commit to Japanese. In addition, from the moment those Japanese people started contacting me on that language exchange website, “Düsseldorf” started popping up everywhere. Why do I mention this? Because I live in Germany and the city Düsseldorf is the center of Japanese companies and Japanese people in Germany and even all of Europe. According to Wikipedia “of all of the cities in the world outside Japan, Düsseldorf had the highest concentration of Japanese residents”. (Oh, this was 1985. But still. lol.) It’s the only city in Germany that has something you would call a “Japan town”. Anyway, I had been seeing it everywhere, it’s ridiculous lol. As I was saying, some of the people I was chatting with on the language exchange website were from Düsseldorf, my brother went to that city to study there (although he actually wanted to avoid big cities, even he himself isn’t sure what drove him to choose that city lol), and I kept seeing it on random products whose descriptions I read, “Manufactured in Düsseldorf” or “Distributed by (name of the company) in Düsseldorf”. Once I tried to access a website, but there was a problem with the Internet and a page popped up that said something along the lines of “Browser working, Cloudflare DÜSSELDORF working, Host Error” lol. Unbelievable, I thought. So, with all these signs the universe had been throwing at me, a few months ago, I finally decided that it was time to stop clinging to Korean and commit to Japanese. Sometimes it really feels like you don’t choose things, but things choose you.

And here we are now. If you know Korean, Japanese is relatively easy to learn. It’s just so amazing how all the pieces of the puzzle perfectly fit together.

Another amazing thing that happened to me a few months ago is that the company I’m working for decided to raise our salaries just at the time I moved into a new apartment. How freaking cool is that?! It’s just… I can’t 😂. And the annoying neighbor I mentioned in one of my previous posts moved out shortly after I moved in.

And getting this apartment was so easy and went so smoothly! I was always kinda terrified of apartment hunting, because it had always been a pain in the ass, but this time everything felt right and things just fell into place.

I’m telling you, once you open yourself up and change your way of thinking, amazing things start to happen. (Now, how do I get rid of all the other fucking smokers living in this building? 😂)

Perhaps you have heard of the Law of Attraction (Btw, just as I’m writing this section someone whose website’s tagline includes the words “Law of Attraction” likes some of my posts lol, now that’s funny too 😂! While we’re at it, thank you and all the other people who have been reading along 😄). It basically says you attract whatever you are focusing on and thinking about. It’s true, I’d say. Let me tell you a couple more stories that show how true it is. (Man, this is gonna be a long-ass post 😂.)

My mother has a pretty biased worldview. Most of the time, she thinks that everyone has something against her, so she basically sees an enemy in almost everyone. Growing up, she projected that way of thinking onto me of course. Whenever I went somewhere (like the dentist or whatever) she’d say something like “The people working there might be a little weird/unfriendly/racist” or whatnot. So I’d be thinking the same way expecting everyone to be mean and against me. But whenever I went somewhere, most of the time, no one was weird or unfriendly. It took me a couple of years to realize that “the problem” was not the people my mother saw the enemies in, but herself. People see what they want to see. If you are full of hatred and aggression, you are going to attract people who are full of hatred and aggression too.

I have a friend who is kind of a pushover. It sometimes makes me want to pick on him and kick his ass. He often is not able to stand up for himself and say “no” to someone, he radiates some kind of weakness, which makes it easy for people to take advantage of him. You see, there is a reason why people who get picked on get picked on, while others don’t. People can (consciously or subconsciously) feel if someone has respect for themselves or not. And if you walk around constantly worrying about what other people might or might not think of you trying to please everyone, you are going to attract people who are likely to take advantage of you.

So yeah, things will come to you. They will be exactly what you are preoccupied with, need and deserve at any given moment.

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