Pets (Rant)

A few days ago, YouTube recommended a cat video to me. I clicked it and I didn’t really like the atmosphere of it, kinda gloomy, you know. I don’t want to share the videos of that fucking channel here, because I don’t want them to get more views and also, I would have to do a search which I’m reluctant to do right now.

I don’t know what makes some people think they can treat their pets like fucking inanimate objects, like seriously. In one video some dumbass kid flipped some little kittens around like a ball. And his dumbass mother or father was filming it. You know, I’m okay with people posting cute videos of their pets treating them with respect. I’m not okay with people who only seem to have pets to use them as a way to make money while treating them like objects you can just throw around. How about I fucking throw you out the window, so you can do one of your beloved flips before you hit the ground, break your bones and bleed to death? And then I’ll get some dogs and cats to eat you, because they should at least get a treat after everything they’ve gone through because of you, no?

And if you live in a small apartment somewhere in the middle of a city without even a backyard, don’t fucking get a husky. I’ve seen this on YouTube a lot too, people living in tiny apartments showing off their huskies, whose faces by the way, looked really sad. It just breaks my heart. Huskies are a very active breed, they need a lot of space where they can run around and play for several hours a day. If you don’t have that time and space, don’t get pets that need so much time and space, for God’s fucking sake!

Also, why do humans breed fucking ugly-looking pets, huh?! I don’t get it. I mean, look at this. (Sorry, I have to link this instead of inserting an image, because I find it really unpleasant to look at.) In what fucking universe is that “adorable”?! I know, people always say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but come on, if you’re honest, that cat is objectively not beautiful- or cute-looking. In addition, if you deform their faces like that, they will have difficulty breathing and stuff that should be coming out of their nose is excreted through their eyes, which can easily cause infections. I bet it doesn’t feel so comfortable, either.

Then there are all those other peculiar things, like breeds with extremely short extremities or breeds with no fur or without a tail. You know, nature created all those things for a reason, goddammit! Why do you make other life forms that can’t defend themselves suffer on purpose?! A lot of them develop a number of health problems throughout their lives because of those forced mutations. What makes you think you have the right play around with other life forms like that? It’s like me saying “Hey, let’s breed some human beings with extremely short arms and legs and extremely flat noses, so they won’t be able to breathe properly, it’ll be fun and cute!”. And suddenly people stop laughing. Oh sure, because apparently, you think, just because you’re a fucking human being, you’re more valuable than a pet? Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re not more valuable than a fucking piece of shit, especially if you think you have the right to treat other life forms like that. In fact, you are one of the most disgusting life forms on this planet.

Sometimes, humanity just makes me so damn sick.

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