You Don’t Need to Know Everything

At the end of this video he talks about how we will have devices which will allow us to scan ourselves for diseases. Well, I don’t know, man. What’s with people and wanting to know everything? I don’t even go to the doctor for medical checkups right now, why would I want to drive myself crazy with a device that keeps track of everything all the time? Naw, thank you. As long as I feel healthy, I’ll just keep assuming I am healthy.

Yes, the ability to imagine things into the future and plan ahead is one of the things that makes the human mind so powerful. But it can also turn into your worst enemy. What do you think anxiety is? It’s too much worrying about the future, about things that might or might not happen. You can’t predict the future, so there is no need to stress yourself out over it. Ya know, maybe you worry that you won’t have enough money to support yourself when you’re old, so you work and work and work to save as much money as possible. You feel terrible and stressed out, but you can’t stop, because you’re too afraid. Well, what if tomorrow, you die in a car accident? Boom. Worried for nothing. I’m not saying you should stop caring about everything and never make future plans anymore, just don’t get too hung up on things that are out of your control.

Honestly, if I had some kind of fatal disease, but no symptoms, I’d rather not know about it until I die than know about it and not be able to stop thinking about it and enjoy my life to the fullest, even if that meant that I’d die sooner. For the same reason, I would not want to know when I die. Quality over quantity. And as Penny from The Big Bang Theory once said: Not knowing is part of the fun. So stop googling every little harmless symptom, speculating and worrying and start living smarter.

Here’s a random pun that fits in here very well, I think:
Tomorrow is gonna be a chore, that’s why we call it the “few-chore”. Yesterday was so horrible, you wish you could skip it, that’s why it’s called the “pass”. 😂

*Ahem* Okay, so. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, more knowledge isn’t always better. If you just bought a nice washing machine for a reasonable price, don’t keep looking for other options. You’ll just get disappointed and regret your choice, which wouldn’t have happened if you’d let go of the desire of wanting to know everything.

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