Privacy Policy and Copyright and Shit

Remember back then, when things used to be much simpler? When you could easily make accounts without being asked a bunch of questions and required to fill in personal information? When you could just choose random usernames without any restrictions? I miss those times. Now, I’m not even allowed to use a fucking period in my username on Google anymore. Bruh, what’s the point of the Internet if you take away anonymity?

I feel like the bigger things get, the more complicated and crappy they become. I mean, I get it, introducing stricter systems and requirements makes it harder for trolls and stupid people to misuse accounts, but I’m still repelled by all the shit that’s going on these days. I can’t even open a website without being bombarded by ads or agreement forms for collecting cookie data stuff (? Idk) or privacy policy shit or all of these things at the same time.

People seem to get more and more concerned about their privacy on the Internet than ever before. Well, safety is surely a good thing, but these days even just logging in into your bank account online is kind of a pain in the ass. First, you enter your password, then you have to type in digits of a security number and then you get a text message with a code you have to enter in order to be able to access your account. Yay.

I used to be extremely concerned about my privacy and stuff I put on the Internet too, but now that it’s getting so bothersome, I’m starting to not really give a crap anymore. It just takes too much time and energy and I have better things to do and think about. I see all those ads for privacy and data protection programs, but I’m thinking, I’m sure Google already knows everything about me and I’m not nearly important or rich enough to be a good target, so why make things even more complicated? And if I do get hacked, well, I’ll try to do something about it and if I can’t, I’ll make another account. There’s always a way. And there’s probably also an insurance for everything that involves money lol.

And then there are all those copyright laws. People are so protective of their stuff all the time. You know, if you put things out there, people are going to see it and they will be able to copy some of it. It’s just how it is. What you gonna do about it? You can’t sue every single person on this planet that copies your stuff without giving you credit, you won’t even be able to catch all of them. So why don’t we just relax a little bit and be happy that at least our message gets delivered?

And why am I not able to purchase movies or some other stuff I want to watch in another language? This one time, I wanted to watch a movie in Japanese, but apparently, you have to be living in Japan to be able to purchase it. What about Japanese people who don’t live in Japan? Come on, if you make it available in other countries, more people can buy it, so that also means more profit for you, doesn’t it?

I don’t know. I’m really just imagining an ideal world where everyone is enlightened and you don’t really have to be afraid or concerned about your safety and privacy, because no one feels the need to do evil and deceive and hurt other people. But this is probably still just a utopia. In my head though, the answer to all problems is so clear and obvious.

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