I Kinda Hate It ðŸ˜‚

Boy, I really do not enjoy editing files, like audio files and video files, it’s just sooo bothersome. If I want to edit a blog post, I can simply edit and update it without changing its status, but once you upload a video, the only way to change it is to completely delete it, make your changes and then publish it again and if you have a large file, it’ll probably take ages. That’s one of the reasons why writing has always been my favorite medium 😂.

And then there is this complete randomness. There is no right or wrong or perfect way to do something. Sound, lighting, angle or whatever. All relative. For a person like me, who needs some kind of structure or standard I can use as a reference, that means a lot of headaches 😂. Being kind of a perfectionist doesn’t help either lol. If you don’t like one recording you have to make another one and if you have lots of recordings, you have to go through all of them to choose the one you like the most. Or immediately delete the ones you don’t like, so you don’t get too confused. So even just recording a few seconds can be sooo fucking bothersome, but there are people out there who make entire songs and movies and stuff. Huuuge respect!

Sometimes, I get hung up on things like which volume to choose. 10 or 11? Actually 13 sounds better, but I don’t like that number. I like numbers that can be devided by 5, so 10 or 15? #Overthinking lol. By the way, am I the only one? I don’t know, for some reason, numbers that can be devided by 5 are my favorites and prime numbers are my least favorite lol.

Well well, we’ll see where the future takes us and what we’ll end up doing 😂👍.

(Man, it feels particularly good to write after a few days of not writing… I love you, written language 😌. #Feelings lol)

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