Every few weeks or months, I usually get bored with stuff and feel the urge to change all kinds of things. My residence, my e-mail addresses, usernames, accounts, domain names… lol. I’d also like to change my real name once in a while, but unfortunately, law does not allow that unless you have a really really good reason and I have a pretty normal name, so yeah. That’s probably not gonna happen (although I’m pretty sure that with the right amount of money, everything is possible lol). Well, I could change my last name by marrying someone, but that’s even more unlikely LOL.

These days, I’ve been feeling like changing some things on this blog. I might a new domain name soon. Not that anyone cares, but I find this really fun and exciting 😆. Also, I will change the name of the category “Blog”. I kinda don’t like this word. It’s so common and it doesn’t look or sound pretty, you know? I like the word “Diary”, but it kinda makes me think of a paper book. And then there is the word “Journal”, which is basically another word for diary. I like both of these words, but I can’t decide between them. I could name the category “Diary/Journal”, but that’s too long and doesn’t look so pretty either. Sooo I came up with this solution: combining those two words and make a new one: “Journary”! From now on, all my posts that fall under the category “Blog” will be filed under “Journary”.

lol This is so much fun 😂.

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