Numbers and Spirituality

My phone died today. RIP, my best friend 😂. It felt kinda strange to have a meal without being able to watch YouTube at the same time – #FirstWorldProblems lol.

I bought this phone last year on October 11th, so 10/11. And today is November 10th, so 11/10. So this was 1 year and 1 month ago. And tomorrow is November 11th, so 11/11.

Don’t tell me this is a coincidence and doesn’t mean anything?! 😂 I heard or read somewhere that repeating number sequences start popping up everywhere once you start getting more aligned with the Truth.

Okay, so I just googled it and the first result is this: “The number 11, is the number of spiritual enlightenment. It is a highly intuitive number and signifies spirituality. Generally seeing 11s, 111s, and 11:11 is a reminder that you are a conscious creator and that your thoughts are real things.”

lol… Mind blown.

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