Some Clarifications

I know that words like “spirituality” and “enlightenment” may trigger some people and make them “esotericize” and look down on people who use them, calling it hocus-pocus. To a certain extend, I used to do that too in the past. So I was a little bit torn between using more “neutral” terms or going with what genuinely appealed to me the most.

The truth is, spirituality and enlightenment are not “out-of-this-world” states. Once someone asked me what “Truth” is and what it feels like. So I tried to explain it to him. His answer was something along the lines of “That’s nothing special. Anyone with a brain can come to that conclusion. Nice try.”.

Well, yes, it is nothing special. Wanting to be special or believing that you have to be “special” to awaken is already the ego creeping in again. It’s not about being special or superior or religious or dogmatically believing certain things. It’s also not about wearing flower pants all the time and labeling yourself as some kind of hippie or monk or wise man who lives somewhere up in the mountains isolated from society or something lol. In fact, “awakened” people are far more common than you might think. They might be normal people, living a normal life, doing normal stuff. On the surface, there is nothing “special” about them. But on the inside, they are in peace with themselves and the world. Some of them might not even “know” that they are “enlightened”.

So, the reason why I often use the “more esoteric” terms is that I simply like them more because of the way they sound or look or because of their meaning. “Enlightenment” has “light” in it. I like light, you know. I’ve always liked unobtrusive light colors. I like a certain “lightness” in people. When you reach a higher state of consicousness, things naturally start feeling “lighter”. I could also have used the term “Awakening” for my blog domain, but “Enlightenment” just appealed to me more because of the way it looks and sounds. I’ve recently started reading a book where the author prefers the term “Wakefulness”. So yeah, words are just words. The words I prefer here are just my personal preferences.

Same goes for the art I use, like for example the icon symbolizing spirituality on my About page. I don’t use it because I think everyone who’s into spirituality has to meditate or something. In fact, I have never really practised yoga or some other specific kind of meditation. It’s just that I like the colors of the design and when people hear the words “spirituality” or “enlightenment” they imagine a person meditating in that position, so I just went with that for now.

So, I hope this clears things up a little bit. I just use the things I genuinely find the prettiest. I don’t use them to create the feeling that all of this is somehow “above” someone or “out of reach” for someone. Everyone has it. Everyone is it.

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