New Logo! | 新しいロゴ!

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, as a kid, I really liked drawing and designing stuff. Until school sucked the fun out of it lol. But it’s coming back! So I’m excited to show and explain to you the new logo of this blog! 😄


This symbolizes the things that are currently dominating my life:

Spirituality (person in the lotus position with chakras)
You can find further explanations on my usage of certain words and resources in this post and on my About page. This blog is currently also reachable under the domain

This blog / health (ninja)
Ending up with this domain was more of a coincidence. wasn’t available and WordPress suggested I’ve always thought that ninjas are cool. I initially started this blog, because I wanted to document my Japanese stuff. And ninjas are a Japanese thing. So it was destiny lol. In addition, I now also associate it with (physical) health (you know, fast-moving and agile healthy ninja!), which has always been a big part of my life, too.

The Japanese language (日本語)
This might be the most beautiful and spiritual language in the world. I believe that the universe made me learn Korean first, so I wouldn’t have a hard time learning Japanese lol. This is what we call universal intelligence 😉.

You will also be redirected to this blog typing in the domain lol. I know, I know. For some reason, I like buying domains for things I’m passionate about 😂. Just in case 😂.

What you see in the background is this:


It’s called 巴 (Tomoe), in this case 三つ巴 (Mitsudomoe, since there are 3 “commas”). I first saw this on Japanese 太鼓 (Taiko) drums. And since I looove Taiko and it’s exactly three, like the three things that are currently running my life, it occurred to me that I could design a new logo using it. Man, universal intelligence is such a cool thing! I looove Taiko by the way! Especially the group called 鼓童 (Kodō), they are THE BEST! It’s just… I can’t. The dedication… The perfection… The spirit… So breathtakingly beautiful. 04:36… so epic…

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