Sometimes I just… I can’t.

I see all those amazing magical things happening to me as well as other people these days, it’s so unbelievable, I can’t even express how beautiful and magical everything is…

You know, I have this widget on my website, “Posts I Like”, and it’s supposed to show the last 3 posts I’ve liked. And it was showing all of them (I think) until recently. Over the last couple days, I’ve mostly liked posts written by Japanese people with neutral or spiritual content. In between, I’ve also liked posts of people (“coincidentally” non-Japanese people btw! lol), who I could tell, are still generally at a lower state of consciousness and “suffering” in some way, so a lot of their content reflects that, of course. And you know what? All the posts I liked of those particular people have not been showing up in the widget! lol! Like seriously, I’ve checked it several times to be sure, they are just not there! It almost feels like I’m hallucinating or dreaming or something lol. Well, technically, I am. We all are. But still… It’s so amazing to even be able to do that!

In one particular post, the author said that they were about to post something really mean, venting about someone who had done something to them. But then as they wanted to post it, WordPress showed an unknown error and the post didn’t get published and just disappeared, wasn’t even saved as a draft. Then they went (probably jokingly?) ahead, “Maybe the universe is sending me a sign”. Can you imagine how big of a smile that put on my face? I don’t know if they were truly aware of it, but yes, that was the universe sending them a sign.

The power of consciousness always prevails. You think it’s just a coincidence? That everything is arbitrary, that it just happens randomly? Nothing could be further from the truth. Everything happens, because it is supposed to happen. Everything is as it is, because it is supposed to be as it is. It can’t be any other way. Every little tiny grain of sand, every cell, every atom is exactly where it should be, doing exactly what it should be doing. It’s all meticulously planned in detail by the universe, by consciousness.

And sometimes, I get so overwhelmed by all the amazing things we’re able to experience and all the energy that’s been flowing through this mind and body, I don’t quite know how to handle it. In a good way. I just start smiling or crying or both out of joy.

It’s also intimidating. It makes you feel restless at times. Not anxiously restless, more like having too much energy and wanting to do something with it, but not being quite sure what and how and when. Or wanting to do so many things all at once, but physically not being able to. You feel connected with the whole world. You feel like you’re omnipresent, like everything that is happening to another life form, both animate and inanimate, is also directly happening to you. And that makes sense. Because the truth is, it is all you.

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