Some Amazing Talents!

In the past, I used to not really pay much attention to people outside my radar. When I was interested in mathematics, I looked down on people who did art. When I was interested in art, I looked down on people who did science. Man, I was such a hypocrite lol.

But now, I see people, I see their talents and their beauty and all the amazing variety they bring to humanity.

One person I recently discovered is 山寺宏一 (Kōichi Yamadera), a Japanese (voice) actor who did the dubbing for the Genie in the Japanese version of the movie Aladdin 2019 and also sings the Japanese versions of the original sound track (that, as some of you know, I fell in love with lol. Here and uploaded a new video in admiration today here). Check this out:

I’ve been wanting to watch this movie in Japanese forever and ever! But still haven’t found a way to purchase it online. I swear, I don’t have a bucket list, but watching this movie in Japanese is the first thing on my bucket list! lol. I feel like this movie is gonna be much more epic in Japanese! lol. I really admire Yamadera’s voice acting, I really do. Judging only from his appearance, I would never have expected such a powerful and captivating voice. AMAZING!

And now to the next talent of the day! (I think I’m gonna make this a series or something lol.) My sister! Yesterday, my mom sent me pictures of the Christmas cookies she and my sister made together (I made a collage out of them):


I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely say this is stock photo quality! Arranging it like that and then taking high quality pictures is surely a great talent, too! Not to mention how pretty the cookies themselves are! You know, me, I’m more of a “thinking” person. I like imagining and thinking about things more than actually doing or making something with my own hands. Like photography or handcrafting, I can do it, but most of the time, I’m too lazy and not that enthusiastic about it lol. But my sister, she obviously enjoys making stuff with her hands and I think she’s really talented! And I find that really cool! 😄

I also used to look down on my sister (or anyone like her for that matter) for being too loud, talking too much and being too “artsy”, but now I see that she and everyone else are awesome in their own ways. Also, anything can be art. Art of photography, art of designing, art of programming, art of solving complex mathematical problems. You can call all of it “art”, if you want. It’s what makes life beautiful, it’s what makes us grow as human beings.

With that being said, keep being awesome, all you amazing people out there!

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