Beautiful Ad lol

So, today I was walking around outside and as I passed by the local supermarket, this ad caught my attention:

Coca-Cola Zimt ohne Zucker.jpg.jpg

Boy. I gotta tell you, I do not think Coca Cola is healthy nor do I drink it, but damn, this ad is just so pretty and creative!

“Zimt” means “cinnamon” in German and it’s pronounced like “Tsimt”. Then they “Englishized” (lol I googled it, this word actually exists) it by adding -ed, and boom! We got a “cinnamoned” Coke! lol. How freaking creative is that?! Also, the first moment I saw it, I legit thought for a second “zimted” is actually an English word and pronounced it the English way in my head lol. I’m gonna spread it (although it’s not a term I use a lot, I think)! Maybe it will make it into a dictionary one day! lol.

And can we also talk about how harmonious the design and the colors actually are? Not  intrusive at all, fitting well together, Christmassy, pretty. Just the way I like it. GOOD JOB, guys, GOOD JOB!

Beauty is everywhere. You just have to become aware of it.

(Hmm. Can’t really imagine what it would taste like lol.)

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