What Happened to the Sky?

Like every morning, I just stepped outside on the balcony to shake my bed sheet. 久しぶりに it’s a sunny day (ooh, that reminds me of a song that goes like 窓開けたらめちゃsunny! 😂), so I was greeted by a very clear blue sky.

But I noticed something: there were A LOT of airplanes. Like seriously, I remember, when I was a kid, whenever I looked up into the sky, there were maybe one or two planes at most, but now there are like dozens of them lol. When did the sky get so crowded?!

Apparently, this may be what the Earth’s outer orbit looks like right now:

When you back off from Earth […], satellites look like a swarm of gnats. […] (James Yoder / Stuff in Space (Source: https://astrobob.areavoices.com/2018/04/10/watch-20000-satellites-orbit-earth-in-real-time-simply-amazing/))

Man, that’s a lot of stuff circling the Earth (which might soon look like Saturn lol)! And as I saw all the airplanes a few minutes ago, I was (half-jokingly?) thinking, maybe soon, we have to be careful to avoid airplane crashes almost as much as we have to be careful to avoid car crashes. I mean, statistically speaking, airplanes are still the safest means of transportation, but ya never know.

But I like planes. They are fascinating. They are majestic. I also like airports with their international atmosphere and diversity, you know what I mean? I love it all! But I don’t really like moving around in any types of vehicles, it’s uncomfortable and stressful. All the sitting and noise (and sometimes people) and stuff lol. I always prefer walking, but ya know, I can’t just walk to the other side of the world lol.

Sooo I’m waiting for someone to make teleportation possible. You know, then we install teleportation stations everywhere that all have a unique ID or something and then we can travel by teleportation within seconds or even fractions of a second! Of course, to be able to go somewhere, your arrival must be approved by the teleportation station that’s your destination. Ooh, that’d be sooo cool!

Imagine you live in Europe or something and you want to meet your friends in Japan for dinner, so you just teleport yourself there, spend 2 hours with your friends and then boom! In the blink of an eye, you get back to your home in Europe! Maaan, even just thinking about stuff like this is so exciting! lol. The future is exciting.

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