I have many interests and I change my mind very often lol. I don’t find things like where I live or what I do for a living particularly relevant, so that’s not gonna be on this About page. I might sometimes mention those things in my posts though.

The most important parts of my life, thus dominating the topics of this blog right now, are:


Spiritual enlightenment & Personal development
Living an awakened and highly conscious life. Sharing my insights, wisdom and observations regarding spiritual awakening. Things I have experienced or am experiencing. This also includes mental health, psychology and all the other squishy things people like to lose their minds in lol.


The Japanese language
I love this language and will be expressing my love for it here. Since I’m also fluent in Korean, which helps a lot when learning Japanese, you might sometimes encounter it here, too. You may also occasionally “hear” me writing in a Japanese accent lol.


Physical health
Got some experience and insights here, too. I think I will be crushing a lot of myths lol.

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